Black Grape Parfait

Delicious and mouthwatering dessert or snack is prepared with fruits, yogurt and granola. Here instead of granola, muesli is used. Any sweet fruit of the season can be used for this healthy yet yummy parfait glass

Parfrait 2


  • Hung Curd: 1cup
  • Black Grapes: 15-20pcs +10-15pcs
  • Muesli-For garnishing

  • Method:
  • Blend hung curd with 15 grapes.
  • Check the sweetness, if its little sour,add another 5grapes. If it’s still sour(depends on the sweetness of grapes), add sugar.
  • Cut the rest of the grapes in small  pieces, keep aside.
  • Take a glass and pour the blended curd.
  • Garnish with small grape pieces and finally with muesli.
  • Serve the parfait immediately after adding muesli or it might loose its crunchiness.
  • Enjoy!

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