Buffalo wings with stir fried veggies

  • Chicken wing pieces-5-6pcs
  • Vinegar-2tsp
  • Black pepper(crushed)-2tsp
  • Salt-to taste
  • Beans (cut in small pieces)-1/4cup
  • Carrot (cut in small pieces)-1/4cup
  • Green capsicum (cut in cube shape)-1/4cup
  • Yellow bell paper (cut in cube shape)-1/4cup
  • Red bell paper (cut in cube shape)-1/4cup
  • Onion (cut in cube)-1/4cup
  • Garlic (minced)-1tsp
  • Ginger (minced)-1tsp
  • Sauce (of your choice, I used Thai sauce,you can use soy sauce or mayonnaise or any sauce of your choice)
  • Oregano-1tsp
  • Chilly flakes-1tsp
  • Egg-1pc
  • Bread crumbs-as required
  • Green chilly-2pcs
  • Oil-as required



  • Marinade chicken with salt,1tsp black pepper and vinegar. Using a knife piece the wing pieces. Marinade for 1hour.
  • Boil the veggies except onion,garlic and ginger. Give 1whistle.
  • In a bowl, mix egg, cornflour and salt. In another plate take bread crumbs. Dip the wing pieces in the batter and then coat with bread crumbs.
  • Take a pan,add oil,once the oil is hot,fry those wing pieces.
  • In the same pan,add some oil,if required. Add crushed garlic and ginger,fry. Add onion,fry till pink in colour.
  • Add boiled veggies,salt,1tsp black pepper,green chilies,sauté.
  • Add sauce of your choice, sauté.
  • Finally add oregano and chilly flakes.
  • Serve with garlic bread

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  1. Very good .. it is chicken preparation ..different type of preparation … very nice … but why named ” buffalo wings…” ? … name may mislead some people before opening the page

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