Pepper Beans

You must have tried pepper chicken or pepper potato, but have you tried pepper beans? Adapted from my mother, this is simple yet delicious dish. Try out this simple recipe.



  • Beans-half a cup(chopped)
  • Tomato-2tbsp(chopped)
  • Black jeera-1tsp(Kalonji)
  • Hing-pinch
  • Green Chillies-1pc
  • Salt to taste
  • Black Pepper-1tbsp
  • Water-2tbsp
  • Oil-2tbsp



  • Take oil in kadai, let it warm.
  • Add black jeera and hing.
  • Add beans, fry, Then add tomato pieces.
  • Cover and cook on medium to low flame.
  • Add water (enough to keep the beans floating)
  • Add salt, green chilly and black pepper.
  • Cover and cook till the beans are cooked and water is evaporated.
  • Enjoy with hot fulkas.

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